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95 4 door L with 5 speed MT

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It's over. I have really enjoyed driving this car, but PA State Inspection is due in a few days and I was having trouble finding parts. Found the suspension parts that I needed, but then noticed coolant coming out near the head. That is it. Can't do the Legend dance anymore.

Just got 10 years younger with a TL.

Wife says gotta move the car, so...

Anyone who wants it, just PM me.

It was a fun ride while it lasted.

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I am going to donate this car to charity, if someone from the Forum does not want it. Just pay for signing the title over to yourself and that is it.

Small amount of coolant from the head area suggests weeping head gasket. May be fine for a month or more. Newer clutch, 5 speed transmission, steering rack. Did all the usual stuff when this was my daily driver. Has older Alpine stereo with iPod connection and upgraded speakers (including door tweeters). Newer radiator and cold air conditioning.

Drove like a champ.

Needed inspection in May. Mechanic gave me a list of suspension parts, which I bought. Probably needs breaks.

Let me know. Wife wants it gone from the driveway.

Very rare color and the five speed make it even more valuable to some.

I'm sure it will go to a good home instead of being donated.

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