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95 Coupe will not stay started

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i need some help with my Acura legend 95 coupe.
what i've done. (replaced)
- value cover
- intake gasket
- thermostat
- radaitor
- y pipe ( muffler)
- fuel filter
- water pump

what happen: now after i start the car, it turns off. if i hold down the gas padel i'm good.
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main relay
I doubt it, young lady :)
Usually Bad Main Relays does have a common symptom while the starter cranks but won't start. Then you may have a Bad Main Relay. Another symptom is when you turn on the IGN to "ON" you should hear a click and a hum sound at the fuel filter. That means the fuel pump gets energized. If you don't hear that noise you may have a Bad Main Relay. Those things can caused thru "Possible Hairline Cracks" or "Bad Dry Joints". Even on very hot days, say 90 °F + you'll notice that during the engine turns over with no problem, but will not start. It sounds like it's not firing. After some min's it will eventually fire and the engines starts.

if i hold down the gas padel i'm good.
try adjusting the throttle cable.
The one and only way :thumbsup:
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