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'95 GS rear ended

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So I got hit on the local hi way, by somebody who had no insurance and was driving a car they didn't own. I tried to be cool and not call the cops, and of course was screwed for my efforts. The other driver volunteered to make payments, but when I called with estimate numbers, she started asking why I was stopped anyway, as if it was my fault. That got me pissed and I retorted that it doesn't matter why I was stopped, she was supposed to have her car under control. Very irritating. Now in retrospect, I'm pleased that my car suffered little damage. The exhaust was bent up a little, and probably didn't have to be replaced, but I did. And the bumper cover has some cuts and paint from her car on it. Otherwise the only other damage was a dent in the spare tire tub. So my mechanic buddy was able to get a oem exhaust installed for me for about $750. I'm figuring I can buff-out the scuffs on the bumper cover and leave the cuts. No alignment problems. And fortunately, her car was totalled. And I say fortunately because she screwed me, so phuck her. The irresponsible stereotype-confirming beotch.

I wasn't able to claim on my insurance because it was "totaled" a few years ago after a hail pummeling. So I had only liability on it, no collision or comprehensive, so no uninsured motorist. So I'm going to call my insurance agent and have the coverage replaced with another company so I can get comprehensive on it. Note that there was no notation on my title from being totaled because it was due to hail damage. So I figure I should be able to insure it with different company.

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In VA at least, uninsured motorist is included with your liability coverage.

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This is terrible, I have been in your situation before. (Not trying to get the cops involved.) I'm glad you didn't get hurt and your car suffered minimal damage. (That low life got what she deserved!)
man never let them slide as it always bite you in the butt. if they cant afford insurance what makes us think they will pay us for damages to our cars.
$750 for an OEM exhaust? That is crazy.
no really these cars arent cheap they are hi end luxury cars. back in the 90's these where 30-40k cars
And that's the installed price.

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My problem with this is dumb drivers are everywhere where I live, and it's those types that probably got their licenses handed to them illegally. To add to that, they have no insurance and will speed off if anything. Be cautious and share the road. Most people have busy lives and there are things that will piss you off in life but don't take it out on the road on other people.
I would like to know who "The irresponsible stereotype-confirming beotch." are where you live.
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