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Guys ,
Do they have the HID lights for the 95 Legend Coupe ?
If yes, are they as bright as the ones on the new Acura 2000.
I know they have some cheap imitation out there. I woul resent putting something that's not as bright as the real thing on my baby.

Thanks :)

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You can get HIDs for your 95 Coupe , same exact look at the TL.

9006 is the light bulb that you use.
They sell kits specifically for this bulb type.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

The TL look is the 6000K bulb.
It is mighty impressive, trust me on that!


Yeah the 9006 6000K kits from autolamps-online are really the only way to go. My 5000K bulbs are nice, but I'm going to be selling them and getting 6000K bulbs pretty soon.

And no, the HID's don't come stock in any Legends, and there is no such thing as a GS Coupe; only L and LS.
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