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95 LS coupe 6 speed 124k miles $5499

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Getting out of the Legend business here. I have a 95 dark green coup six speed, the one everybody wants. The car is stock except for 17" TL type-s rims with RL center caps. I apologize for the lengthy "cool story bro", but want to give anyone interested all the info.

Here is the tale of the car: I am the 2nd owner, bought the car in Dec '06 with 95k. The car sat in my garage unregistered until Spring '08. Before putting her on the road I did a tuneup with platinum plugs, replaced battery, brakes and changed all and I do mean all the fluids. I mostly drove my truck & only drove the car 5-8k miles/yr. My round trip work commute was highway 82 of the 86 miles. Car is adult owned (I'm 43) not abused and I've only ever driven a stick shift all my life, so the clutch is tight.

Previously, the car was owned by a Jersey woman before who must have kept it garaged, because there isn't any rust on body or undercarriage. Looks like the car was aftermarket undercoated or winterized. Interior has faded carpet but is clean, the passenger seat reupholstered and back seats are pristine. I bought aftermarket sand mats embossed with "legend" but if you prefer original mats are in the trunk. Interior is type-F beige. Original Bose system cassette with 6disk cd changer that works. Power roof works fine (no leaks).

The bad: driver seat is shot and has a cover on it. Dash has 2 small cracks that are concealed with a cellphone stick pad. Rubber on a rear wheel well starting to separate a tiny bit. She is ship-shape otherwise.

Timing belt/water pump done around 115k summer 2010 by Wayne's in Providence. (I think i have receipt) Since then fixed E-brake, replaced front axle boots, ignition, starter and just fixed AC. Rear tires 95% good Bridgestone Turanza serenity and the front tires 50% Michelins. Mass inspection sticker done April 2012.

Extras that come w/ car: Remus cat-back exhaust (used) but never put on. Set of the original 4 7-spoke 15" oem rims w/centers wrapped in bridgestone LSH tires 45-55% wear. 8 (2 sets of 4) 16" GS rims (1 cracked could be welded) no tires. & a set of front clear corners not put on.

The terms:
I love the car but my commute is now shorter, so I only need 1 vehicle which I prefer be a truck. If you don't want the extras the price is $5200 firm. Anyone wanting to buy the extras prices are as follows: Remus muffler and pipe $245, 7 spoke rims $90 for set. GS rims 1 for $25 or 4 for $70. Clears corners not for sale separately.

Concerning trades... my truck is old/high miles & will only last another year. So, I would consider trades for a truck red, blue, green or silver ONLY. Must be Extra-cab & have 130K or less miles..and MUST be 2001-2007. ONLY interested in Ranger(2wd or 4wd), any Frontier, Prerunner or 4wd Tacoma. NO other makes/types/brands/colors. I would prefer automatic (getting too old for manual). We can negotiate as part of a trade to add/subtract cash or subtract some of the extra items.

I've seen people get flamed for the pricing of their cars, but the car is a 6 speed coupe in great condition, needs nothing, comes with extras and I'm perfectly content to drive the car until November or until i get my for now the price is firm. Please keep ad critiques to yourself and don't clutter up the thread. To save your time and mine please be aware I will ignore all offers less than the stated prices. Except for trade offers where a truck trade is concerned and that are what I am looking for (as stated above).

I can begin showing 6-22 and can meet in Southern Massachusetts or Rhode Island. You can email [email protected]. I will not be checking pms or the thread regularly so please use the email address. Will ad pics to thread within 24 hours please be patient and thank you.
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Sad day good luck with the sale.
Here are a few taken a while ago more to come.
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