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well i just finished my nsx calipers swap. if you are going to use the 97 calipers you need to use the L rotors. the GS rotors are 11.0 inches and the L rotors are 11.1... as far as brackets... you can you the legend bracket.
here is a picture of the nsx caliper with legend L rotors.

Umm, the Type I rotors are the same diameter as the GS. The GS rotors are 5mm thicker.

A 97 NSX swap will not work properly. Because you cannot get the correct specification rotor that fits the Legend hub. I'd be a little worried about your brake setup. The 91-96 NSX setup works because the GS rotor is the same size with a different hub.

f I convert to NSX calipers...will NSX rotors work as well? I have a set of new drilled and slotted rotors that I'd like to use on the Legend.
No, not even close.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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