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ac conversions

Really, not a simple issue. Best bet is always to leave the R12 systems intact and not convert at all (when possible.) Its a better refrigerant.
To do a true conversion really costs upwards of 500-800 or more. Tough to justify..those "kits" at walmart etc. are what they used on your car (so it seems.) It is illegal to vent refrigerants into the atmosphere...I am at a loss to figure out how they bypassed this step (to get rid of the existing R12 before adding the 134a.) If they are a licensed shop, this is loosing your license/fine from EPA bad.
To do a conversion, replace all system O rings, Flush entire system of ALL the mineral oil (this is the R12 oil) pull out the ac compressor and dump all the oil it contains, re-install a good POE or POG oil in proper factory amt, pull a hard vacume on system for at least an hour depending on how long it was open, replace reciever/dryer, charge system, check for leaks. time consuming and expensive...
Sometimes an r12 system that has been converted will spring leaks at seals etc. eventually, as already mentioned, the seals etc. will begin to fail as 134a is not at all compatable with the Mineral Oil in the system..they do not work well together. this doesnt happen overnight, generally takes months for the "black death" syndrome to happen.
Also, 134a operates at higher pressures than the R12..much higher. those pressures will sometimes help those old O ring seals on their way to death. This I suspect is what happened...I doubt that they will make it right with you. There really is no guarantee unless a full, big cost conversion is done.
Incidentally, they should have tested the system for leaks (and they may have) prior to doing this "conversion" in the first place. that is standard, legal practice for a Lic. AC shop.
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