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If you are charging the system on the low side, the can should be upright, ie the tap at the top.
Upright, the refridgerant is charged as a vapor, inverted, the refridgerant is charged as a liquid.
The high side is charged as a liquid (you should NEVER charge the high side)
The low side is charged as a vapour.

You're playing "Russian roulette" with your AC system.
You need a certain amount of oil in the system to ensure that the parts are lubricated properly.
Too much oil and it may sieze up the compressor and hamper cooling. Too little oil will surely sieze up the compressor.

You should only be using 1 1/2- 2 cans of R-134a in your AC. 3 cans is way too much.

Your pressure reading is dependant on the temperature around your car. The higher the temp, the higher the pressure.
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