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A Different Q about Konis, dont get pissed at me

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Hi all

First off, I have Qs about Konis. Now, Ive read almost all of the existing thread on Konis & H&Rs & the like, but I believe none of them have all the answers for my situation. So please bear with me.:D

I need to replace my rear shocks. I dont want any drop on the rear side. I wouldnt mind a drop in the front tho.

What I wanna do is create a slanted look, kind of like the stock sedans.

Q------> How often do the stock springs wear out ? Im asking coz I dont want to change them unless absolutely necessary.

Q------> How much drop would just changing the shocks in the front to Konis give me ?

Q------> Is there any way I can just change my rear shocks to Konis & still get a drop in the front (without changing the front shocks), maybe by using the highest perch setting in the rear ?

Sorry for the long confusing post

Thanks for all ur replies:)
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To answer one of your questions - Springs and struts usually have a 5-8 year life span depending on the load that they are carrying and on what types of roads you are driving on. Koni's and h&r have a LIFETIME Warranty (for as long as you own your car and you also have to have a Certified koni/h&r tech install them from you)

First off the koni struts(REAR) have 3 perches on them to set your springs on.
Meaning on the lowest perch they spring will sit about .25 inches lower than factory springs (meaning you should have a .25 drop with factory springs and koni struts)
The middle perch is suppost to be like stock hight, meaning with factory springs and the struts perch in middle you get the factory hight.
If you place the perch in the top position you will have a .25 raise from factory, so your car will look like the back is raise up a touch with factory springs.

So in theory if you place your springs on the highest koni perch your back will be up .25 inches and the back will be down .25 inches, but becareful as when the car is not level it can sometime be more bouncy than usual.

In my opinion, I suggest you change everything one time and never worry about it again.

Good Luck
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These are the set ups I tried in the past. Eibach/Koni, and I loved this set up. R-Spec/Koni, and I loved the look of this set up the best. It lowered it over 2" up front, but that truned out to be too low for everyday driving. Currently I have almost exactly what you want to do. I am now using my OEM springs with Koni shocks. I have the front Konis on the low setting with dropped .75", but in reality creates a drop that is very close to the Eibachs drop on stock perches. For the rear, I have it on the middle perch. This gives the rear a very slighly lower look than stock, maybe about 1/2", and the front a lower look, about .75-1" drop. As for the ride quality, it is near OEM sice I am using the stock springs. For now I have the Konis set on full soft all around, but I will probably set the front Konis a little stiffer when I have the time. I DO NOT suggest you put the rear Konis on the high setting. That will just raise the car up too much, and also put some positive camber back in the rear. I also don't suggest you use OEM shocks in front and Konis in the rear, or the other way around. Use all 4 of the same shocks. Racers might tune their suspention with different setups at each corner, but that's a whole different ball game. I suggest you buy the Konis, put the front Koni on the low perch and the rear Konis in the middle perch and use the OEM springs.

This is what it looks like.

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With guys like u......

Man, I love u guys

EyeCandy , thanks for ur prompt reply

& ChrisK man, u r the bomb

A solution to my problem within 2 hours...... Well I just dont have the words to express my gratitude

Thanks again:cool:

I gotta catch LegendMS before he closes his GB on the Konis
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LegendMS, Need Konis, Sorry for personal post

pm me please

I know the GB ends today

Hope its not too late

Email me ur phone number

Maybe I can call & give u acredit card number ?

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Thanks Leon


Yeah, its going good now

It seemed I couldnt get through

But everythings good now, got in touch with him several times at his prodigy addy

Hopefully I should have the money to him by the weekend.

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Trust me man, get the Konis, you will not regret it. I whent with the Koni/H&R, and I'm telling you it solved alot of my problems, first of all the ride is 10 times smoother than stock, second I don't worry about bad roads anymore, third, it got rid of some rattling sounds in the front and clunking sounds in the rear, and finally (and most inportant) THE CAR HANLES LIKE A DREAM!!

ps: Thanks Gill.:D
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