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A Few Christmas Pics With The Drop...

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Ok Ok, you can stop sending me PMs and hinting towards it in posts. Here are pics with the Koni/Eibach setup on my coupe. Koni's are top perch in the front and middle in the rear. I have no clue how long it takes to settle, so maybe it'll get lower. I don't know. The day it was done my dad was curious and he started measuring things between our Legends and it was 1 inch lower at that point. I didn't want it slammed or anything, just a slightly lower look, and that's what I got. You'll get better pics in the future, but these will have to do for now. :D

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frantinez63 said:
Hey Pat,

Have you take your coupe with the new suspension over any bad roads....with dips, potholes etc.?

If so, how was the ride quality?


There are lots of bad roads in WA and taking any car over them sucks. LOL You do feel the bumps more, but it's not bad enough to not do it. :D
21 - 21 of 59 Posts
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