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A Legend back from the dead!

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I want to preface this with a disclaimer: This is my little sister's car and she has put $0 into this car in three years. It sits outside my parent's home collecting dirt, bird droppings, and cobwebs as it awaits her return from college twice a year. When I sold my car two weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of the Legend (while I look for a car)... and try to breathe new life into it....

As of last week (my first few days in the car), the vehicle had a terrible (unburned) fuel smell and a hard-to-start issue. In addition, the A/C blew warm and the transmission had never been serviced! It hadn't been washed in months.

Well, over the past two days, the car visited three shops with excellent results.

The fuel smell was from a leaky injector. Replacement required removing the fuel rail and dropping a replacement unit in place. I don't want the mess in my new garage, so I paid someone to do it. Amazingly, the repair on the injector also solved the hard start problem too!

I then had them check the A/C. A pressure test and subsequent leak-down made a cracked o-ring apparent. That was replaced and the system was re-charged. It now blows as cold as Minnesota in January!

Since I was doing so well, I decided to take the car for a transmission flush and fill. Three hours later, the car shifts about 50% better (still a little rough). Fine with me.

Next, the car went to get smogged. A few minutes on the dyno (California) and it passed. Since the smog shop was a car wash, they did a mini-detail for free! Sparkling clean!

So, I am about $450 lighter in the wallet, but the car is now running nearly perfectly, and looks like... hmmmm... a few thousand bucks.

The car just needed a little TLC.
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Emission said:
I decided to take advantage of the Legend (while I look for a car)... and try to breathe new life into it....
Looks like you just found your new car. :D

Got any pics? Maybe a before and after. (If possible)
Hmmmm.... I should have taken some pics before. I never did.

I will take some pics of the car today and post later.
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