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A whole new rack or just tie rod ends?

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Before I went to firestone last week I saw that i need to replace a tie rod end soon. After I went to firestone to get new tires and inspected, they suggested a whole rack and pinion which I thought was BS. So, about maybe 5 days later as I luckily turned into the parking lot at work disaster had struck. The same wheel that i needed a tie rod end wouldnt turn or roll. My question now is which should i replace?
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Start with tie rods then have rack checked by a some one else!
If your wheel won't turn at all it sounds like you had a power steering fluid leak that wasn't addressed and the power steering pump seized.
the rack broke..... the rod came apart from it
well just replace the tie rod and you will be good to go. I suggest changing both.
update: i went ahead and manned up by buying the rack and tie rod end. in a good hour of work at a hobby shop i got the rack off with the new one ready to go so far. i would have been super pissed if i had paid anybody to do this job being as simple as it is thus far
Don't forget to get it aligned once you are done and make sure your steering wheel is locked while doing it so you don't break the clockspring.
getting an alignment is a must especially since i have lifetime alignments for my car. i make sure its locked by putting it in park?
no, your make sure the steering wheel is lock by removing the key and then making sure the wheel won't move. (Make the steering wheel is straight)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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