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About BG 44K

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Hi all

Ive been looking for this fuel system cleaner called BG 44K

Any ideas as to where I can get it near Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Florida ?

I called all the Acura dealers out here (7 of them) & they dont carry it anymore. Plus one of them wanted me to make an appointment for a Fuel system clean job & expected me to pay $160

Was he crazy or what ?

Any comments are welcome....
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BG Products...

Call BG Products @ (316) 265-2686. Tell them what area you are in and ask for a rep's #. Call the rep, and they will tell you who in your area has the product and can perform any of the services. They are all great products and I highly recommend them!
Ditto on that. I use BG 44K regularly. Good stuff, but pricey.
I asked the Acura dealer about it. They said they do not cary any addatives any more. They said Acura recomends you NEVER use any additives in their engines. This is just what I was told at Pye Acura. I just wanted to pass it along.
I was told the a similar thing the last time I went for service at curry acura in westchester. I asked the manager if they perform carbon cleaning- and he told me that today's fuels are really clean and they will only do that service if there are signs of any problems.

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