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This is a common problem with the G1 ABS. The noise you hear is most likely the ABS pump cycling up to maintain pressure. Working the ABS now and then can bleed the system and reduce the length of that noise, but to get rid of it you either need to replace the pump or accumulator or both, or disable the ABS system entirely. MOst quotes to fix the problem run into the thousands, so you can put up with the noise, or disable the ABS and then pull the instrument cluster and unhook the amber warning light, which is anoying.
Flushing the system and replacing fluid may also help. (Should be done every 2 years?)
I find this problem comes and goes, sometimes it will keep running on and off for 15 mins into a drive, other times you won't hear it after the car has started and it has cycled up once. Working the ABS by locking the brakes up in gravel helps sometimes.

Hope this helps

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