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ac fan problems

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if the ac fan doesnt work when i turn the ac onwhat should i change to fix the problem? my other fan works i dont know why the ac fan will never spin.
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did u ever find out why th other one doesnt work?
i have the same problem since i bought my 89 legend hasn't worked since i fan works the other doesn't..any help will greately be appreciated..the other one is on all the time and never shuts off.
yeah i fixed it what i did was run power to the ac fan and it didnt spin, so i replaced it from the ac fan in my other legend, and it works now when i turn the ac on. im glad i didnt have to pay anything for it. if u need help running pwr to the fan to check if it works let me know and ill explain the process, good luck

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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