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92drls said:
Well if youve ever looked at a shift knob for the 6 speed youd know. And for the left and up, we dont drive ferraris or 70's mereceds so i wouldnt worry about it.....
i know this. but he doesnt, and maybe he doesnt have the 6speed shift knob. if he did, then it would have been the stupidest question to ask. you could just say, "look at your shift knob retard, it tells you." however, he did not specify. he asked for pictures of a 6speed shifter so he could see the pattern, meaning he obviously doesnt have that shift knob. :rolleyes: im just saying, you didnt have to make him seem stupid by saying "i hope he figured it out on his own." cuz sometimes it isnt as obvious. my dad had an old a$$ 86 beemer 3 series. reverse was in the upper left position, but the sticker on the knob said it was down and to the right. the previous owner got a new shift knob and BMW had changed the transmissions around so the previous one was discontinued...thats why it was different.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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