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Has anyone seen this commercial! I loved it!

This guy is with his wife driving down a winding road in their CL-S. He is having fun taking some turns, while shifting, and such....meanwhile the wife is describing to him the house they are driving out to see...bedrooms, bathrooms, etc...

Finally they arrive at the house, the lady selling the house is already waiting.. the wife gets out of the car and so does he...he walks to the edge of the house overlooking the road full of twists and turns he had to drive to get there...

in the background the wife says "What do you think?" (Meaning the house)... he never looks at it, he just looks at that road and says..."let's buy it!"

LoL or something similar to that anyways! Only saw it once and loved it!

I like the CL-S... Except for the tail lights and the failing trannies.. It has potential...

Silver/Black or White/Black CL-S please!:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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