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01-02 CL/CL-S were never made stick
03 CL/CL-S were made stick

i think tl never came in stick except 04+
I think only the new TL-s comes with a stick. From talking to a couple dealers, nobody really wants a stick except for enthusiasts, so they don't have a lot of people ask for them.

BTW, if you are looking at buying an auto TL-s / CL-s, dont. I own one. Transmissions are garbage. The factory warranty on the car was like 40k miles originally. They had so many transmission problems that they warrantied the transmissions to 109k miles to avoid all the lawsuits. I have heard of people going through 4 transmissions in 40k miles. One guy had a brand new trans that lasted 6k. The S models are much worse on them because of the extra power.

Seriously, they are nice cars, but the newer TLs are much better. If you do decide to get one, get a CL-S with the manual trans.

(just as a note, I own an 02 TL-S, and will be getting rid of it soon)
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