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Tyson (4cruizn) may have some info for you. If I remember right, he meet some executive for Acura and talk to him extensively...
When I was finishing up my MBA, I tried for about 6 months to get into the Honda Corporate office in Torrance, CA. It's super, super competitive in there -- especially since Nissan relocated its facilities to Tennessee from SoCal and not everyone wanted to go with the company. Thus there was a huge supply of qualified, experienced individuals and not enough car-company-related jobs in the area. It's all about who you know, I've decided. I still check job postings frequently over there.

One of the Acura people I know is Michael Chun. He works in Product Development and was one of the key players in the rolling out of the newest model of MDX. He and I continue to email occasionally and he has given me some feedback and information on how to get into the company. He and I met at an Acurazine meet several years ago and I got his business card when I learned about his job and expressed interest in it.

The other gentleman I met was Craig Hedges, and he was the main guy behind everything in print related to the Legend (i.e. print advertising -- brochures, posters, etc). It was awesome to meet him and learn about his experience in helping to brand the Legend line. I created a thread about our encounter.

I met both of them just randomly by luck. The Honda Careers website is here.

American Honda Jobs - Auto, Motorcycle Careers, Positions Open
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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