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Acura vs Honda oil filter

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I think I read on one of the legend forums that Honda makes an identical oil filter to the Acura filter that we use on our legends. Apparently the only difference was that the Honda filter is cheaper...

1. is this true?
2. what is the Honda oil filter part #??

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The filter I always get from my Acura dealer has the big H stamped on it. No ref. to Acura at all.

Honda 15400-PL2-004
Honda 15400-PL2-305
Honda 15400-PL2-315
As Spiff demonstrated, any PL2 filter should really work and Honda does normally stock these. The one I know that my local Honda dealership carries is the PL2-315. But I don't remember it being too much cheaper than at Acura...maybe just a buck or two.
On my 1st Legend (300,070 miles - that someone hit/totaled) I used Purolator - L24484 filters. I understand that some aftermarket filters leak on Legends - but the Pur's are cheaper than OEM and work well.

I personally changed my oil & filter every 5,000 and never had any type of leak or engine problem. You do the math on how many times I changed my oil!!!!
great - thanks for the info guys.

I currently have an aftermarket filter on my car right now and its leaking (only very little, but still...)

I guess to be safe I'll just get an acura filter if its only a few $$ dif.
If you plan on performing oil changes regularly and will be keeping the car for a year or two.
Then, call a few honda/Acura dealers and ask them if they have any "specials" when buying more than 2-3 filters at a time.

My 2 friends and I "went in" and purchased 24 filters, they worked out to around 9.80 each (including the washer :D).

The Acura dealership near my home has deals ever 2 weeks or so. :( I missed buying brand new mats for my coupe - $78 bux CDN
Hey Spiff - where abouts in the T Dot are you located? what dealership do you go to?

I'm right near 401 and Leslie street.... We should hook up and check out each others ride :)
Live in Etobicoke.
Near Woobine Centre/RaceTrack.

Yeah, it's about time for a TO meet.
I missed the last one. :(

We should also get together for group buys.
One duty, tax and shipping charge.

The dealers I use are the ones near me.
Woodbine Acura - HWY 27 and Rexdale (south of) - 5 mins away

Acura 2000 - Torbram and HWY 7 - Brampton

Sherway Acura - Across from Sherway Gardens on Queensway.

Castle Honda - Hwy 27 & Rexdale (5 mins away)
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TO meets, group buys - count me in.

we should start a TO legend owner email list.....

Its probably best that you use the higher priced Acura filters. I was only offering a cheaper alternative that I know from experience works just as good.
(60+ 1st Legend oil changes * more including my current 2 Legends)

Remember 60 X $4 (price diff) gets you half way to HID's.

Just a thought.
my car already has 150,000miles (235,000kms) on it and I change mine approx every 4,000miles (6,000kms) so I won't have the car for more than a couple years tops (when I find my mint 95 coupe with a typeII and a 6speed!! LOL)

I just called a local acura dealer who qouted me $13 Canadian (which works out to about $1.50 US ;) for an acura filter, so I'm gonna play it safe and go that route.
i have been using penske and fram filters.. do they leak? this might solve a lot of problems i thought i had
I don't know about Penske, but NEVER trust Fram filters. Some ex-workers actually said that there is no quality control at the factory.

Yea - I'd stay away from Fram too!!!
To be on the safe side - Drop the Penske's also.

Try the Purolators - For 10 yrs I have been parking my Legends in my garage (in my house) on a light gray floor and not a drop of oil has ever leaked out. Thats why I trust them!!

(Lots of other stuff - power steering fluid, antifreeze- has dripped but not oil);)

This my be too simple of a question but --
You do lubricate the oil filter gasket before installing - Right?
I have used several inexpensive (usually Fram) filters and have had no problem with leaks. Make sure you rub some new oil on the rubber seal before installation. Don't overtighten the filter, this could damage the seal and cause a leak.
yea i do lubricate the top, i havent seen any leakage in the driveway, just been burning a slight bit of oil, but not much. nonetheless, i will no longer use fram. over the last couple of oil changes i have been doing it in the shop. where exactly is an effective place to put up a jack? i dont like using the jack that acura provides. I have a larger jack ( i dont know the exact name) that can lift the whole front end of a lincoln, but i see no place to support that weight on my legend
Go to this link for a futher detailed study on some brand name filters.
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