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acura wont start

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ok guys I really need your help before I junk this car because I have had it to my ears with crazy acura legend,what I did is replace the 2.5 engine with the 2.7 that I did myself,anyway the car would turn over but not start,I got the **** thing to start only one time but it was idling like crazy so i turned it off tried to turn it back on and it never started since,I changed spark plugs and wires,main relay,starter,I even changed the crank angle sensor since someone told me that if you keep the 2.5 distributor you have to keep the crang sensor along with it this way it would match,I ajusted the timing on the crank puley and I can see that the distrbr rotor turn when I turn the engine over by hand so I made sure that the rotor points to the #1 spark,I was going to change the fuel filter but I know that the engine gets fuel, one more thing to mention here is that when I changed the spark plugs and after trying to start the car for about 15min I checked the spark plugs and they were black even thought I just changed about 30min ago ,checked the computer and the were no codes but last time I got the engine to start the ecu was telling me someting about the manifold absulite I have no idea what it means,thank you
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Deng, black like that. Lots o carbon on em?
any body ! some body! help needed dont let the brother down we are the legend family,please any idea
Well, you got all three, you sure you not getting blow-by? Shot piston rings?

I took my car to the shop few weeks ago.the mechanic told me that the car runs rich causing the car to stall.he said it runs ok for about 1 min ,and then it floods with gas.What i need to know is, since I changed from 2.5 to 2.7 ,do you thing I need to change computers.or maybe there is a sensor that needs to be changed.thank you so much

your car will not start until you replace the ECU with one from a 2.7L .good luck
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