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Acura94 RPM problem

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im fixin to buy a 94 acura legend. im gettin for $900. it has 178,XXX miles and discription from the guy was. it has a leak in the sparkplug. i just got done reading about the o-rings ( the sparkplug gasket?!?! lol ) but as i took it for a test drive the car kinda shaked as i placed it on (D) Drive. as soon as i stepped on the gas it was smooth. i got on the hwy it ran smooth but wen the rpm hits 4 the car wont go anymore then stepped on the gas nothing was happening but slowing down.. the rpm gauge will hit 4 and drop to 3.5 or a lil higher then it will accelerate again but the rpm will hit 4 and ill do the same. i tryed to take it slow and the car picked up to 95mph then the rpm hit 4 and is as fast as i got. can yall help me out on this deal before i buy it . thank you ( p.s and its smokin a lil too)
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trans mount and check trans fluid and diff fluid. check for vac leaks as well.
oh yea welcome to the fourms.
I'd keep searching IMO, the last thing you want to do is buy a car you have to end up just looking at instead of driving.

The oil on the spark plugs will cause the car to be sluggish but not do what you have described.

What color is the smoke, does the idle fluctuate when in P?
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