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Adjusting Kick down cable?

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Can anyone tell me how and where to adjust the kickdown cable for the original auto? not sports shift.
At the moment it rev's out too long before changing
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Anyone? Help?

Is also causing a solid downshift from second to first. The car really jolts.
PLease help!!!

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I figured I'd respond to your question b/c no one else has. I really don't know what your talking about.
Maybe u can try and give a better explaination of which part your talking about and hopefully somone will help u out.

Good luck
Better explanation?

I thought it would be ECU controlled, but my Honda Mechanic says the kick down cable needs adjusting, it connects along with the accelerator cable. but splits off a little past the firewall and runs down to the tranny. it controls when the tranny shifts gears both up and down.

Only Milk and Juice comes in two litres!
I believe this cable is also referred to as the throttle valve cable. It is located on the side of the transmission housing just under the airbox. I have the sport shift, but I would imagine they're in the same spot (maybe not though).
this is also called the transmision throttle cable...It's on the top of the transmission housing, underneith the intake/air filter box.
like the brother said to adjust the cable you need to take the air box out and you will see the cable thats going from the throttle to the tranny ,you just turn the 2 nuts for adjustment
Does any one know which way I need to adjust to fix my problem?
to bring the gear shift to a lower rev range?
Thanks Guys!
you'd want to tighten the cable so that it shifts sooner. So turn the bolts right as if to tighten/
Thanks all!!!
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