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Aftermarket keyless entry wiring install

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Hey- I’m having trouble reading the diagrams and figuring out what type of wiring to use for my 1992 Acura Legend LS sedan. What do you guys think? What wires go where?
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Your posted instructions require you to know in detail, how your car is wired from the factory. It would be helpful if you had a wiring diagram for your car.
here is the wiring fiagram for the power door locks:

I have no where to start so I’ll take any help I can get
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Looks like the car is wired as described in Fig. 1 in the instructions but it's hard to tell for sure from the instruction's description.

TBH, aftermarket alarms/keyless entry add-ons usually give more trouble than they're worth. What complicates things is the factory anti-theft system.
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