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As many you know a have a 300K Legend (92L) that just got totaled - I just got a replacement (93LS). The replacement had a crack in the rear passenger wheel well liner so I decided to replace it with the one off the wrecked car.

When I took the well liner off of the 92 there is sheet metal directly behind the liner . To my surprise there was wet mud caked between the inside of the liner and the metal. This surprised me because the liner was not damaged or separated from the car at all.

I dont know how the mud got in there but it was sitting exactly at the spot where I've seen so many legends start to rust.

At the rear wheel well right above the bumper line - where the metal of the quarter panel starts. The caked in mud that you would never know is there-- must by why Legends rust at that spot.

The rear liner comes of easy by removing tire - then 3 screws & 2 bolts.

I recommend that during 'Spring Cleaning' that people check this out.

Sorry for the long post --- Just looking out for my fellow Legend Lovers.
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