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Alignment done after drop

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ok-- I finally got my car back from the shop today.
I was getting some body work done to it: I got the entire front- end repainted as well as the entire drivers side (same color as stock). I must say that the car looks great.
But back to the point of the thread- I also got it aligned - I changed my stock suspension to eibach/kyb's- I told my mechanic that the it may be off b/c of the lowering spings. My mechanic told that he was able get my alignment to spec- so no more worries about uneven tire wear.

I think it was LegendHI who had my same concern about possibly needing a nonexistent chamber kit with the eibachs. Thank god we don't. :D

I also got my NY state emmissions inspection done- And I'm still way under the limits with my Highflow Cat.

I'll probably post some pics later on during the week

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cool esti, that makes me feel a whole lot better, i'm getting all my stuff installed tomarrow. how's the brand new handling on your legend? beautiful, i hope.;)
Why would emissions be off even w/ a hiflow cat?

I would imagine something "truly meaningful" like headers would cause it to have some change, not something that brings maybe 2-3-4 hp to the table.

Hey Jose stop being a wise ass :p

I just figured I would let people know how the emissons test came out. B/c the purpose of the cat is to burn up the left over gases, which are toxic to the environment, Since a high flow cat is less restrictive then I assumed that the gases aren't burned as effectively as with the more restrictive stock cat.

But I may be wrong

It's quite possible the Legend may be able to sort of pass smog without the cat even. It wouldn't cuz they'd notice the cat is gone but you get the idea. Newer cars should have low enough emissions...
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