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all those with a G2 5spd.

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all those with a manual trans, has it run across your mind to try and change your trans froma 5 to 6 spd. im not sure on the differences but im sure they are negligable. just a thought like Pat O'Krongly he has a nice looking sedan with a 5spd. have you ever thought to change to a six trying to find a junk yard with a wrecked manual trans legend so i can take the Master and slave cylinder hoses and pedals to do the job on my car (auto to manual swap) and but im sure its infinitly easier on a manual trans.

any body with this idea or has done such a thing please post

or if you have feedback on this idea please post

it was a thought of mine a long time ago and it just came up again today wheni was talking to my friend.

OH BTW todays my BIRTHDAY, MAY 29, 1984, i guess im an adult now. 18yrs old *sigh* im getting old. i might be going to go get my SYSTEM hehe. (2 12" infinity reference 1220W subs w/ a nice amp.)

once again sory for the long post
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Happy b'day pimp! ;)
Thanks for the nice comments! Personally, I do not see the reason to spend the money swapping out the transmission. The first three gears in both cars are the same so acceleration really is not improved. 4th and 5th gears are tall on the 5-speed while 6-speed just has a really tall 6th gear for great highway cruising. While this may be great, I live in Atlanta where everywhere you go is all traffic. This kinda beats me swapping out the the tranny for a cruising gear.

Now if you are looking to do the swap from auto to manual, it has been done. I hope you have plenty of money stored away because it's not a HARD HARD job, it just takes time to do. Now I did read somewhere that the 6-speed and 5-speed clutches are different, the 5-speed is a single disc while the 6-speed is a double-disc. Someone may have to correct me on this. Since these clutches are different, the 6-speed would not mate up to a Type-I engine. I could be wrong.

I still get about 420 miles to the tank cruising about 80mph in 5th gear when I do take a trip so I'm not complaining.
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If I were in your situation I would either buy a 6 speed or get a new car entirely what your planning on doing might ruin a perfectly good car. :eek:
I'll help clear that up for you Legendary91L.

The 6 speed trans uses a dual mass flywheel and and unsprung friction disc (clutch disc). 5 speed equals single mass flywheel and a sprung friction disc.

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