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Alpine CDM-7861 Stereo / Face Case / Owner's Manual / RCA Wires / OEM Mounting Kit

I bought this when I decided to get rid of the OEM Head Unit.
It contains a single CD Player and can read Alpine 6 Disc CHM Units.
It has a motorized flip down face and sounds EXCELLENT!!

It already has a mounting kit, and is ready to plug into your Legend
and go!

Only modification needed is to connect the power wire to the wiring harness
power wire, as I had this stereo wired directly to the battery.

I would keep this, but I have no use for it any more.

1 Alpine CDM-7861 Stereo
1 Alpine CDM-7861 Face Case
1 Alpine CDM-7861 Owners Manual
1 Wiring Harness to 1991-1995 Acura Legend (already connected)
1 Plastic Mounting Kit to fit Single DIN Stereo into Double DIN Location
1 RCA Wires for output to an External Amplifier (These were long enough to fit from the front of the car to the back of the car, while still having around 3 feet left)

Price: $60 + Shipping.

NOTE: I am selling the CD Changer I used with this unit in this Thread:

Inside My Then Legend:

Product Pics:

These are from the stereo: Top wire is the power wire; Middle is the Amp Turn on Wire you would wire to your amplifier; Bottom is the ground wire.
In my legend I used a bolt behind the stereo to connect this to. I had the power wire connected directly to the battery.

This is the wiring adapter, you would have to connect the Top wire in the above picture to this wire in order to get power. Yes, I used electrical tape covered by Duct Tape, I didn't want to solder in case I wanted to remove the stereo and put it in another car, but that never happened :(

This is the RCA Cable:
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