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Amp Wattage VS. Head Unit

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OKay, this is sort of a dumb question, but if my head unit puts out 50 watts RMS per channel already(4 channels), would it make any sense to put a 4-channel amp on my fronts and rears that puts out 50 watts RMS per channel at 4 Ohms????? (the doors and rears are 4 ohms)

For some reason I'm thinking that it wouldn't be putting out any more power, am I right? Or is my brain fried from too much Holiday food....

Please help.

QUICK EDIT: What impedance are head units typically rated at???
2 ohms, or 4 ohms???
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you will get more clarity with a 4ch amp.
which headunit do you have?

4ohms on headunit. only stock radios very from 2~8ohms.
Headunit's a Kenwood DDX 7015, which I found out after REALLLLY searching puts out 22 watts RMS, so I'm essentially doubling my power output by going with a 50 watt RMS amp, right?

yeah... that 50x4 that they write on the HU itself is usual MAX and its made to decieve people.

but having a dedicated amp will be better.

you might want to do everything in one shot... by that i mean wiring... if you plan on upgrading later to subs...
I'm already rolling fat as far as all is concerned, I'm just upgrading by amping my speakers, and I sit the Ack is right behind me GUTTED to the bare metal inside waiting for the fatmat to be stuck on.

I guess the good thing is that If this amp isnt' that noticable, All I have to do is get another one and plug-N-play.
As bl420 mentioned, there is no comparison between a 50X4 HU rating and 50X4 external amp rating.
And that 22 watts RMS rating for the Kenwood is only correct when you manipulate the numbers. It's a lot closer to 12-14 watts in real life. There's even more to it than that, when you factor in dynamic power usage at lower frequencies.
There are a couple of (Full range switching) exceptions, but you won't find a 50X4 amp that even comes close to the size of a single DIN HU, so that ought to tell you something. If they could be made smaller it would have been done long ago. OK... they can, they don't, they will... just not at the moment :)
If you want power, you need an external amp. A good 50X4 amp will provide more than double the output of an HU. Four to five times the output is more like it.

I'm not sure what you mean about the amp being noticeable, but if you are going with an aftermarket external amp, make sure it has enough airspace around it for proper cooling.

Cool with gutting the car for soundproofing- wish I was there to help you out. :2cool:
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I remember the days when I gutted my car to sound deaden it. It was a pain, yet satisfying knowing that I did it myself :D
GSteg said:
I remember the days when I gutted my car to sound deaden it. It was a pain, yet satisfying knowing that I did it myself :D
Just out of curiosity, what did you do with that headliner (if anything)?
I left that alone. All I did was deaden the front two doors (5 layers on each door), the trunk, the whole floor, and the rear deck. left the rear doors alone though.

The car was almost dead quiet. You can't really hear the engine idle. :D
just out of curiousity sp? what did you guys use for sound deadening...?

i went with hushmat and bought a bulk pack for $270

40sq feet i believe it was

only enough to do my trunk, trunk lid, and one door.

im going to buy more this spring to do the whole floor and do double on the doors.

im wondering if anyone has any luck with those liquid ones..
Eh. pass up on those liquid ones. Pain in the butt to use because you haev to wait for it to full dry before you can add another layer and you can't add a thick layer. One thin layer at a time. Its just a mess.

I use raammat.

$130 for 62.5 sq feet. I bought a single roll, but my friend bought me another one so I had enough to do my car :D
I have used Second Skin Damplifier and Regular Dynamat. Both are good, but the second Skin product is a better value.
Here is a link to a review of some of the popular sound deadeners-

I'm thinking of taking out the headliner an putting velour fabric on it to cut down on reflections. The leather and hard headliner sure has the signals bouncing around.
Well Guys I just got done, and LEMME tell you....OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

To say there was a little difference would be one hell of an understatement.

As for the Headliner, I left it alone..tried once with a '91 and it's a pain.

I used FATMAT sound far as value is concerned, they can't be beat. I got 100 square ft. off of ebay for $100 shipped.

It's extremely gooey, and works very well.

I'm gonna post pics and a description of everything I did this long weekend, so keep an eye on the Photo section at the end of tomorrow.

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