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amplifier noise?

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I was wondering if somebody has any ideas about popping noises that my stereo system is generating. I've replaced both the Bose head unit and amplifier with Alpine units. The amp in the trunk is wired directly to the battery. When playing either radio or cd (dash or changer), I will occasionally here a (loud) "pop" or "tack" sound; this seems to happen randomly, but only when the engine is running.
One thing that the installer did was to run the power wire and the RCAs (twisted pair design) right next to each other; I now know that this is not recommended. Is this a possible cause for this type of noise?

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here's what you do, first, re-wire the RCA's down the passenger side. Check all grounds, the ground for the battery, the ground that runs to the engine, the ground for your amp should be secure, short, and at least 8 guage. Have the installer fix all that, he should have known better then to run the RCA's with the power wire. Some lazy installers will install your ground with a self tapping screw, when they should be finding a pre-existing bolt to ground to.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the response; I'll try out your suggestions.
Previously my amplifier was wired using the car's original wiring; I would hear a "tick" sound every time I pressed the brake pedal. Running the power wire directly to the battery solved this problem, so I might try the same with the head unit.
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