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Will you be at this BEAUTIFUL IMPORT FIESTA??

  • Please believe it! I WILL BE THERE!

    Votes: 9 81.8%
  • Unfortunately, I will not be there...I hate cars!

    Votes: 2 18.2%
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The other thread with all of the votes

Ok, this is to help make this easier for us to see who is coming. That thread was getting a little healthy.
you know whats going on...we will have Legends, TL's, CL's, and maybe even Maxima's. I have heard from at least 20 confirmed online, and 3 that are offline (neighbors, etc)
Plus our new found LLCC crew in S. GA will add another 5-6 Legends to the, anywhere from 25-40 cars are liable to show up, AND then who knows what stragglers are out know, the ones that just happen to run into the website at ;)

It, hope to see you guys out there again...especially the crew from OCTOBER 27!
That was AWESOME!!

95legend6spd (Chris), Matt, drove over 3 hours each to get there!!

Come with your car cleaned up...this will be video'd and pics will be taken.

What can you expect besides fun?
- potential video shoot (you know we have hot videographers like Doug and Patrick
- FAQ...i.e strut bar install, leather, CAI, offsets ?'s, suspension ?'s, audio ?'s, etc
- Be Seen! How in the world could you miss 20-30+ imports rolling down the strip!??!!?? People will think its Sept 21!!
- Finally meet who you have been chatting with for the last 3-9 mos!!
Well, I will see y'all there!

Thanks for coming out!

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Fa Sho I will be there!!

Man you know that the "Aces" are going to represent. PLEASE believe it. HOLLA BACK:cool:

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You Know what the deal is!

You Know that J-Boro crew "A-Team" will be there in full effect.
That is four (maybe five or six) legends, Integra (maybe), 3.5 RL (Maybe). That is us though so see u!
Holla Back!
And the others

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Damn Leon, how do you word it all so well? Just readin this made me wanna head up to GA from Miami, lol, wish i could bro, maybe next time with something a lil closer, perhaps in a South FL chapter ;) It's funny that i always seem to have Finals or something else goin on when there's a meet scheduled, this summer i'm takin 4 months off school, so things should be lookin up :)

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A little worried

Well the forecast sounds nice. around 80 to 85 but with a 30 percent chance of rain, but I have faith that it will be a beautiful weekend overall!! See ya Saturday!!!

Leon we are still coming though we have not talked for a minute. PEACE

The one and only BABYBOY

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CLs are ready!

I was just 'talking' to my fam at the CL forum and they seem just as hyped about the meet as we are. :D
I'm trying to get some more CLs to represent so I posted a link to this post.
We should have at least 10. . . hopefully.
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