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Currently 553 pictures and counting..

See the following:

Antelope Island SLC (8)
AntelopeIsland-HIGHRES (13)
NOPI Nationals 9-05 (10)
CaliforniaRandom (4)
EasterCarShow2004 (22)
FirstRedrockPics (4)
Four Corners 6-2005 (21)
OCDetailsFall05 (20)
UtahState (20)
NattysWax8-05 (9)
ModenaGhostTown (7)
RailroadTracks (15)
Blizzard (16)
OffRoadin (10)
SLCMeet6-05 (12)
Hwy89Utah (13)
LoganCanyon9-04 (20)
TwoCoupes11-04 (42)
Montana7-05 (20)
RSXRims5-05 (35)
SLCMeet10-05 (14)
Extraterrestrial10-05 (34)
BonnevilleSF11-05 (20) new
04TLRims11-05 (23) new
OldestPics3-03 (11) new
HIDInstall10-04 (10) new
Odometer (5) new
Cleaning3-05 (4) new
Mexico2-05 (40) new
NationalMeet5-05 (30) new
Washington7-05 (31) new
Paria5-04 (10)

Be aware that this gallery was started when I contacted 4cruizn for some high resolution pictures. So this gallery is definitely not 56K suitable, hell, it will wipe the floor with your 56K connection.

Have fun!

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If I had a car that nice, maybe I would take that many pictures.

Nice work and nice car Tyson!

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Kyle, I did go through the southwest part of CO on my "Four Corners" trip but I would like to check out the rest of the state. I've been to DEN but just flew there. For me, half the fun (actually 75% or more) is in GETTING THERE :D.

Yes, yes, I have way too many car pics. My camera is always with me. The gallery is an accumulation of 2 1/2 years worth of pictures -- though I have many that were taken before I started saving the pics to my hard drive and thus they will not make the gallery.

I DO have a life besides taking pictures of my car, for those who were wondering ;). I'll complete my Bachelor's in Management in four weeks and I'm working part time at SkyWest Airlines so that keeps me busy when I'm not enjoying the open road. I'm constantly looking for new destinations to hit up. This year alone, I've visited 20 U.S. states and Mexico. Next year, Alaska will be added to the list.

Look for my post on hitting 200,000 miles within the next couple of weeks. :2cool:

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crap..someone beat me to the punch..I have a folder in the "legend" folder just for tyson's......

just that good.

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Sergio said:
4cruizn has the most elegant, luxurious Coupe around.
Wow! Thanks. That means a lot coming from you, and from everyone else on here. The many other clean Legends on the forums (like yours) are a constant inspiration.

Ken, you're right -- the antenna was busted in the NOPI pics. The Honda dealer in St. Louis Missouri ran the car through an automatic wash with the radio on. They paid for a replacement antenna mast when I got back to Salt Lake City.
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