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Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 07:57:01 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: IMPORT GARAGE Fraudulent Vendor Warning!

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I have a friend that placed an order with them as
she owns a few online
companies(, and a few
others) and couldnt find a set of coilovers in stock
anywhere for an Acura legend,She was out of them and
her dist. was out as well....
So to make sure a customer was happy she bought the
coilovers at retail from cheapspeed and just planned
to ship them to a customer even though it was costing
her more than she made(thats some serious customer
service!). That order was made in Feb or early March
and now they wont respond to her emails. I understand
how some things go out of stock at distributors,which
will cause a delay in getting the parts and so does she didnt really trip on it too much.
Now after reading this i'll have to have her get on
their ass about it!
Im not trying to pump up her speed store and down
theirs but if people are out there Jackin' online then
EVERYBODY should know about it!!
Maybe since she's in the biz it will be a bit more
leverage to get them to get their act together.
I know that she has huge ass mailing lists for all of
her sites and has contacts from being featured on
major sites online (modeling and her Lexus) so the
word will get out if they dont respond soon!!

im rambling just pissed when i here stuff
like this and need to vent

Im out ....HEAT

--- subcltr_nx2000 <[email protected]> wrote:
> The following is from one of the mailing
> list:
> Hi All,
> I really haven't had the time to post or even read
> my mailing list messages lately. However I wanted
> to let everyone know about a vendor out there that
> has ripped me off, and I would not be surprised that
> they have been doing this to other people as well.
> The vendor is "All Revved Up" aka "Cheap Speed
> Parts". url phone
> 727/392-1811. email [email protected] I
> ordered a cold air intake from them on 3/14/02.
> They charged my credit card for $175.50 the very
> next day and promised that I would get the intake in
> about 3 business days. A week later - no intake. I
> called them and got an answering machine. I called
> back several times within the next couple of weeks.
> I got hold of Chad, the guy that sold me the intake,
> about 3 out of the 20 times I called. He kept
> giving me excuses and said that I'll get it soon.
> Now, almost a month later I still have not received
> the intake. But wait, it gets better (or worse)...
> On 4/6/02 I was charged AGAIN for $175.50..and still
> no intake. I called them and guess what...they left
> a message saying that they will be away for this
> whole week. What a big surprise (not). I already
> contacted my credit card information but thought
> that I'd warn everyone about these guys so that you
> wont have to go through the same thing. Its just
> sad how there are so many shady import shops like
> this one run by punks that have absolutely no
> customer service skills at all and in many cases try
> to outright steal from you. So feel free to forward
> this message to your friends and any other mailing
> lists you are subscribing to.
> peace,
> Danny Pham
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