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another type of noise...

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I have a 91 Acura Legend which I adore & had planned to hang on to for a while, but recently there's been a weird sound eminating from somewhere behind the engine, whenever the car is running. It's really noticable inside the vehicle with the door closed. The best description I can provide is that it sounds like "washing machine agitation."

My mechanics are great guys, and specialize on Hondas & Acuras, but cannot figure this one out. They spent a couple of hours on it today and suspect that it's the transmission bearings, but advise that i should get a second opinion. I plan to go to a specialist within the next day or so.

I thought these trannys were built really well. Currently, there is no slippage between gears. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the rear mount was replaced last fall. The car has 150,000 miles and if it takes $3000 for a rebuilt unit, I should probably let go of it, right?

Any ideas or advice is welcome.

regards, gpeterson
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you would come off a lot better buying a used low mileage tranny. No one builds them better than Honda.....and our old resident Gil, a tranny expert by trade, would probably tell you the same thing. First get a diagnosis, and report your findings here. I recently replaced my engine and tranny for right at $4,000 for a 50k set. :D

This was including labor, and miscellaneous parts and such. The tranny cost me about $800...and you can find some for less...but like I said, let us know.
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