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heres the situation.....i was driving to there..parked the car....and notice smoke coming out of of the engine...i was like uh oh...opened up the hood.....i see greenish antifreeze coming out of the radiator cap......i checked to see if the cap is loose...but it was nice and tight...the smoke was from the hot thing i check is the antifreeze bottle thing on the my was FULL all the way up to the cap.....and the liquid inside isnt the normal greenish have the darkish than i pour it all out.....when the bottle is empty.....i see black residue (spelling?) at the bottom of the bottle....which was stranged....ive never had this happen before....i just bought the car so im not sure when was the last time the antifreeze was changed and the liquid level it was anyway.....i than rinsed out the bottle to get rid of all the black residue......then fill it up with new antifreeze to the 'MAX' line
im no car mechanic and know very little about these stuffs....but with my educational guess....the antifreeze came out of the radiator cap because the bottle was full and it have no where else to go ???? please correct me if im wrong
my question is....why did it happen....where did the black residue came from.....and did i do the right thing by changing the antifreeze ??....anything else i should do or check ??
sorry its kind of long
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