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Jarryd said:
i Havent got a clue if i got a L or LS i think we get the top model in Australia because its auto only here :mad: and it doesnt say L or LS on the back just has "A.L.B 2.7i" im sure its like full JDM aswell coz most cars hear are japan imports.
Yup we get the same models in NZ as you do in Australia (JDM) all autos. the top spec models are badged as 'Exclusive' and have features such as Power drivers seat, rear passenger A/C control and rear roof mounted air vents, cup holders in the rear seat fold down flap! vent, to name a few....
my turbo legend is not the elclusive model, but my non turbo 2.7 parts car is :D :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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