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I may be relocating to MD this year to open a family chain restaurant. How's life like in MD? List the pros and cons of living in MD.
Sweet! So you decided on openning the chain...good choice!:D

It depends on where in MD you go. There's very good places and very bad places :lol:.

You have any idea where you'd most likely be in MD? There's a few places that are central hubs in MD and a few places where there's a LOT of money. Rockville (city) and Montgomery County are the money places in MD. if you're going to be in central MD, major hub in central MD is Baltimore.

If i had the choice of where to live in MD, it'd probably be in Columbia...I've heard it's really nice.

Southern MD's central hub is Washington DC.

Pros is......hmmm Maybe i'm biased but i can't really find any Pros of MD. :lol: weather is inconsistent, Baltimore's roads are horrible. There's GREAT stuff in DC though. all the museums monuments really diverse cultures, you meet all kinds of people, and it's a huge tourist hub so people are always looking for something to do. If you lived in MD it's cheaper than Northern VA.

when possible i'm goin South again...Greensboro is calling my name :lol:


I'm still jealous of your fortunate situation LOL!:lol:
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