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Any word on the custom CA extensions?

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Any updates? Leon, I heard you were going for measurements or something, then we were getting some pipe bent? The only reason I ask, is that I was going to make one custom style this weekend, and it'd be a waste of time if we're going to have the custom pipes, etc... so whats the good word?
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I still need to get Leon in to the shop for measurements. Yes it is in the works, but I am not going to set any date yet. We are still in the planning stages. You will hear more. Give us a few weeks for measurements and pricing.
juggling quite a few things...
supposed to meet our friend John at KMS...tentatively set for this week...I will go for Wednesday, also need to meet Jeff on Wednesday (door sills), and I am going to pick up a set of new wheels so I can preserve some rubber on my 18" when I go race Sunday...hopefully, we can get this guy in the equation as well...or when I go to KMS he can offer some insight on custom CAI.

Keep in mind these places are aroound 60-80 mile apart, PLUS I am measuring both coupe and sedan! Hate ME is MIA :confused:
I know Leon is busy, that is why I am backing off for a week or so to let him take care of a few things.
i wasnt tryin to put any pressure on or anything, i was just wondering what the status was on it.. its all good
I noticed today that dv8 is making one as well. Go with which ever you chose. I do know there is one big difference between his and mine. Read the description to figure out.

Please change the tread name to CAI not CA, so we can get some more interest.

Based off the Weapon-R system
Mandrel bent extension tube
K&N Filter (no filter is optional)
AEM bypass valve

Sleeper, keep me posted on this CAI extension. Although I've got the WR CAB, I like what you & Leon are doing and am very interested. Later---

I'm subscribing too. I have this guy at my job that has a friend that can bend pipe. My only issues are the hoses that the manufactured piped have. Are they necessary and if so, what are they for? Holla!!!
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