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mista_bob said:
Has anyone else had problems with their Legend overheating??? My '90 Legend coupe overheats when I turn on the A/C. The coolant that was in it when I bought it was a brownish color, just like the old camry we used to own. It was low on coolant so I added some new stuff, which is NOT brown!

I'm just wondering what could be causing it to overheat? The fans don't turn on unless I've been running the A/C, but after I shut that off only the fan on the passenger side runs. But they do NOT turn on unless I've been running the A/C. Is there something I need replaced? Do I need the radiator flushed? Please help. Thanks guys.
Sounds like you have a couple of problems.

The coolant shouldn't be brown. Looks like the cooling system has been neglected. I would bet that your radiator is either plugged or partially plugged.

It also sounds like the cooling fans aren't coming on when they should be. More diags need to be run here to narrow down the problem.
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