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Anyone ever heard of this brand of sub....

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I am looking at this legend that has quite the crazy stereo in it. Alpine double DIN deck, kicker speakers all around, and a sub.

I think it said Firestorm or Fire----- something on it. Any ideas of what it is and what it is worth. I dont think it would be a cheap brand because the rest of the stereo is pretty high end.:)
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It's probably Crossfire audio that you're talking about. That's the only "fire" named audio that I can think of.

They have 2 lines of audio:
1. Good middle of the road audio. comparable to Planet audio or MTX.

2. They have a higher end audio that has ton's of power. mostly amplifiers that are classified with a D at the end of the model #.

either way it's decent stuff. I've used their equipment a few times before with good luck.
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