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Anyone interested in having kick panels made for g2?

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over the past few mtonhs I have built three sets of kicks for a g2 legend, and have pretty much gotten it down to a science.

I am still awaiting for my equalizer to complete my system so in the mean time I dont have my kicks built yet. so I have about a month left to build some custom kicks for people befor emy own kicks go in after whcih, I cannot build them anymore.

I built one for a member of this board and so far, he is very happy with them. ask me and I will try to get you some pics when he takes them.

basically, for 200 dollars plus shipping. send me your speakers (complete with grille and moutjing hardware, and you will get back a set of kicks in about 2 weeks (maximum of 3 weeks), that is sanded and primed and ready to paint or carpet or vinyl. they will be well dampened from the inside so there is no chance of vibrationa nd youw ill get excellent imaging and midbass response.

email me...will do them for speakers up to an 8" coaxial, but nothing bigger.

thanks guys...

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Do you make them for G2 Coupes? Are they the same as the sedans?

Send me picts when you get some.
i definetly would be interested in some kick panels for perfect imaging i just purchase a pair of cdtaudio hd-62 componets if u have pics this would help make my decision u can drop me an email at [email protected] if u have pics

thanx in advance
sorry...need to wait on the pics, he hasnt gotten a chance to take them yet, but here are some pics of kicks I have built for other cars, from a simple set built for an altima, to a pair of carpeted kicks for a prelude, to a full fiberglass painted kick for antoehr altima, and the ultiamte, a pair of 8" kicks molded directly into a toyota truck...:)

how you want your kicks we can work out, no set style :) they can take up very little leg room with speakres mounted facing mroe sideways (good for "harsh" sounded tweets), or they can take up some more leg room but with more on axis response (more smooth sounding spekares)

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I don't get why people would do this. During quick cornering where are you supposed to put your foot during hard cornering?
well, basically, if you are looking for a decent sound system and worried about loosing leg room, then kicks are not for you. But...if you are truly appreciately of good sound, and want to really enjoy the music, the kick panels are one of the few ways this will come true.

the goal of any stereo system is the realistic reproduction of the recording. Now, lets think about it this way, with stock locations, you are very close to the speaker on your side of the door, and quite far away from the other side. So what results is that the path different between your left speaker and your right speakres causes the music to shift to the side you are sitting on. For example, the voice sounds like its centered around your side, even though both speakers are playing.

now, with kicks, you gain a few benefits:

1. the path difference is minimized, meaning you will obtain good imaging. you cant imagine how much fun it is to listen to a classical concert recording on a well tuened system with kicks, where you can literally place where each instrument section is on your dash...(the violins are above the steering wheel, the horns are towareds the airvent on the apssenger side...etc etc), and listening to normal songs, you will notice things you didnt before, the voice will sound like its coming from center of the dash, with insturments around the voice...the music sounds alive...:)

2. with ths speakres facing YOU instead of your feet, you usually get smoother response and better highs(though its not always the case with all the sepakres), things will sound more open and warmer this way.

3. witht he kicks, you get small sealed enclosures instead of open door panels, so you get better midbass reponse out of them. world of differen in my opinion.

as for hard cornering, i have seen competions cars that also double as scca racers on weekends, you basically get used to the new foot positions, kicks are quite sturdy and its no problem resting your foot against it...

so in short, your questions is sorta like someone who likes luxury and comfort asking, "why in the hell would you put low profile tires and big rims on a legend, what would you do when you go over bumps and cobble stone roads??" people with different needs go for different hings, as for kicks, its one of the only ways to get audiophile quality sound into a car :) whcih is why if you go to a sound quality competition, you will see well over 90 percent of cars with kicks :)

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All very true, very true. We all to a certain degree sacrifice comfort for wants, I've driven a few competition cars with kicks and its very uncomfortable for the feet and leggs for me but the sound is super awesome. Myself being a home audiophile I can attest to this, but for me the car is not the place I personally choose to listen to my music I do that in the house, thats when all that stageing stuff becomes very important to me not in the automobile, besides I'm not in my car that much for it to make much of a difference. Like most die hard audiophiles when we listen to our music we must have little to no distraction (outside noise) it pollutes the sound, the ever changing enviornment of a moving car is not the place for this. Yes I do have a nice aftermarket system but its not tweeked for serious listening or competition purposes,.... what you really expected me to be satisfied with that garbage Bose system? Ha!!

I'm in no way discouraging kicks here people if its your car you choose to enjoy an awesome sound then I'm here to tell you that kicks are certainly the way to go but at the exspense of some comfort, but hey who cares right.

NOTE: This is only from an Audiophile's perspective.
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I am definately intrested

I'm definately interested and PM me if your willing to do some for a 91 Acura LS Sedan for 6 and a half inch speakers.
Quite the compromise, but....

First off, Im gonna have to assume that you will lose access to the dead pedal to the left of the clutch.

When it comes to what you gain in audio function, though, this is huge. One of the things that erks me most about the Legend's design audio-wise is the near non-existence of access to upgrading the wires to our door speakers. Highs remain nearly uneffected, but having ample midrange is almost out of the question.

Having just said that, verify one thing: Can you run wires to these kicks from an amp elsewhere in the car? Looks like you can, but I had to check anyway.

And if you can build kicks to support some nice 8" subs, then our midrange problem completely disappears.

.....I think Im game. $200 bucks, huh?
hey gang,

due to lack of time, i am limiting the total number of kicks I do to 5, after whcih I am going to build my own and it will be the last set of kicks I build in my car (until I decide to go with new speakers :))

right now I have three offers, if you are interetsed, please email me at [email protected]

thats a "zero" after the underscore, not a o :)

oh by the way, if anyone is intersted but doens thave speakres yet.

I have a brand new set of hifonics zeus 6.5" comps, pretty high end stuff, I would rank in the area of infinity kappa perfect or mb quart reference line...very nice looking and sounding speakres.

I can build a set of kicks and mount the speakres in there...all for 400 bucks plus shipping...


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