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Anyone know if it is legal to swap a type 1 engine for a 3.5 in Cali?

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:dunno:I live in the Bay area and want to throw a 3.5 in my Legend but I'm not sure if that will be legal here in California. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks!!!:dunno:
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theres few members on here who live in ca who have done the 3.5 hybride swop not sure if its legal but its been done there.
The type I has the "pair system" if converting to Type II or using the RL manifold you will fail the "visual inspection." (because the pair system is deleted)

If you keep the type I manifold you should still be able to pass.
Thank you BIGBOY for the input. I'm getting excited about getting my legend up and running again. I just don't want to rush into things with out being fully knowledgable about what it is I'm doing and you have ansewered more than one question for me. I apriciate it!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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