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Okay, well its a lil too late for me, but after a 2-3 month search and finding ZERO 91+ 5-6spd legends, today i found FOUR.. yep count them FOUR LEgends for sale. I couldnt believe it.

1991 Legend Cloth $6K Sacramento Bee

1995 Legend LS/SE? is a LS with Special Edition possible? $10K Sacramento Bee

1993 Legend L coupe, White, $12,950 Marin Acura 888-833-3798
Jh4KA8168PC000732 (

1994 Legend leather, exe cond, new ti, 5spd $10K/bo 408-287-9124 in the San Jose Mercury News. (

i thought id help out you, guys. man this makes me mad because right after reserve tthe RSX, these beautiful cars show up.
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