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Anyone replace fender wheel well liners?

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If anyone has replaced these and still has the old one for the front passenger wheel well, please let me know!! Mine was torn off the other day when I was driving! I heard some weird winding noise and didn't know what it was...then all of a sudden I see this black thing fly from the front of my car!! Now I only have about half of it...someone please get back to me!! Thanx guys!!
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same problem


I've got the same problem! I let the wife drive the car and she torn off the fender liner. I've found some OEM web sites that sells them for around $60. Quite expensive. Maybe we should try the junk yards.


P.S. if you can find it for cheaper, please send me a message.

yes, everyone please keep us posted...I was told that water could be sucked into the engine and it could cause some serious damage!! Maybe it's just some story from the dealer to fork money out of me...but we'll see!! We have a drought over here so I doubt we will see rain anytime soon!! I will keep my eye posted at junk yards!!
There is this junk-yard in California called "HAP Recycling" - near Sacramento. They also ship the parts to you. (

i believe they have fender liners and mud guards for our Legends. You can call them at: (800) 999- 9499.

I'm going to be changing both front ones on my 91L soon.
Mine aren't ripped off but they are ripped up. I will do this soon as well.
Recyclers don't usually computerize splash shields and mudguards. You may wish to visit which will provide links to recyclers in your area and then call to determine whether any Legends are being dismantled. You may need some of the fasteners if a large piece of splash shield has been lost.
I called HAP Recycling and they told me that they have the fender liners and mud-guards in stock.
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