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Anyone use Toyo T1-s before?

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I am in need of some new tires... i have narrowed it down to 3 tires. Toyo t1-s, Bridgestone s0-3, or michellin pilot sports in 225/40 18ZR. Anyone have experience with any of these tires? Wet/dry handling, tread wear, and road noise. As of right now i am leaning more towards the toyos because i heard that the SO-3 are kinda loud. All feedback is welcomed.. thanks in advance
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the toyos look like it'll tread water well but it really doesn't. on dry roads, the t-1's will stick to the ground though.
i've had them on my first set of rims. i didn't think they were worth the money.
i'd go with the bridgestones if those are u'r only choices. but if it's not, you could look into dunlops. that's what i have right now. they're not that bad.

running dunlops right now... just wanted to try something different.
I don't know about the T1's, but I have a set of the 18 PROXES Pz4 and I have to say they are AMAZING. They ride really good in the dry weather, but even better in the rain.

Good Luck.
go with Nitto's. They are the best tires I have had.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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