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anyone with a similar experience??

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driving to wrok this morning. 55degrees out??

on the freeway i notice that the temp gauge is a little higher than normal. but i see no dummy lights or anything & continue to drive...i get off the freeway..& the needle starts to rise. & smoke comes out from the hood... i open the hood & theres coolant along the back side of the engine on the drivers side...what is even more interesting was that the Radator cap wasn't even hot!!!

so im thinking this is a thermostat problem/cracked shying away from water pump because it's on the other side of the engine...i also checked the headgaskets to see if they were leaking over there & i didnt see anything...
anyone else have this experience???

Also if anyone could tell me...i know the water temp sending unit is near the Throttle body...but does it come before or after the thermostat???(flow is bottom to top)
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I had a similar problem when I owned my was the thermostate for wouldn't open!!
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