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I've posted in the past about my despise of winter, but after driving home from school today, I realize it has it's good aspects. As I was driving home today, I came upon 2 guys in a lowered RSX, probably on their way home from school as well. I was in the passing, lane, and as I passed by them the RSX accelerated in order to keep stride with me. I could tell right away that these guys wanted to play, but seeing as it was still kinda wet from the snow, I was in no mood for any of that. We drove together for about 50 miles or so, casually passing each other every once in a while just to let each other know we we still there. I could tell that he definetly wanted to run with me, but as I said before, I wasn't having any of that. Eventually, I came to one of my exits, and I merged off the road, and the RSX followed. When I got on the ramp and had noticed the RSX had to, he was decently far behind me. The next thing i knew, he flew right up on my ass and wouldn't back off...I knew he was going to try and smoke me coming off of the ramp. By this time, the stretch of road I was on was dry, and I usually accelerate pretty quickly off of this ramp because i have to merge across 4 lanes of traffic to hit another exit about 2 miles away. I came to the bottom of the ramp, and sure enough, the RSX got next to me and took off. Well, I decided to dump it coming off of the ramp too (you gotta blow the cobwebs out once in a while). Next thing I knew, my car just took off like mad. I walked past the RSX like it was standing wasn't even close. This was the first time I had my car out on a winter highway drive since I put the CAI on, and all I can say is damn! Now, I always notice my cars being more torquey in the winter due to the cold air, but this was a seriously noticable jump in power. The CAI is by far the best mod I've done to my Legend...period. If youre considering getting one, go for it, you won't be disappointed. I guess it just boils down to a simple equation:
CAI+15 degree air= BYE BYE!

BTW, Please don't delete this thread for street racing. I didn't intend on this being a racing thread. I don't street race, nor do I condone it. I'm just expressing my appreciation for CAI's during the winter months. There, I've said my piece.
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