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ATL: shop that will make CUSTOM TURBO for our car

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aight so ya i went to a local shop today they are called warp speed and sound located in dorraville. i was with a friend tryin to sell his car and he ask me about my legend and he tells me he can make a turbo charger for our cars for 4000 but can make them for cheaper if a few people come in to do it. so if any of you are intrested let me know they also install turbo chargers, kits, springs, etc... just let me know they said also i can start a car club account to get 15% off products and 10% off labor for us if we want. so if you are in GA we can set up this account for your use. let me know if yall want to do this. looks like if i can come up with 4000 i will be droppin the car off to get me a nice turbo put in. they said they can put and turbo in however big it is. makes me excited but yet i dont have the money. KEVON want to get a turbo charger and swap? they can also do the supercharger but they said it wont be as cheap
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Why the heck would a SC be more expensive?? Especially on our cars.
You should let them take a look at it first. If they havent done one before, they may not know what they are dealing with.
Hey Thamson,

I think I met up with these guys awhile back on Barrett Parkway...the price rings a bell. They were really pushing it on to make a turbo for my car...but I dunno....I can't be without my car for that long. I popped my hood and showed them the clearance we had in our engines, and they still said they could do it. I don't remember who I was talking to, but they seemed young and very persistant. I'd be a little weary about the $4k price tag...sounds too good to be true.
is there even space for a turbo?? I had hard time looking for space for the ballast for the HID already
very true i barely had room for my HID ballast. i dont know i was very suspious about the price also. his name was julio at warped speed. i dont know why its more expensive for a supercharger.
ZiGGie said:
is there even space for a turbo?? I had hard time looking for space for the ballast for the HID already
I've seen a single turbo Legend so there is space. The problem is always drive train durability and engine management. You want HP best bang for buck is a properly tuned N2O system. The new Holley NOSzle kits offeer a 100-175 boost for our engines. Put your money into the tranny, differential and axels.
hey wTnLeGeNd did u paint those covers red or did u buy it like that?
painted with high temp engine paint 5 bucks at pep boys
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