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Attention acurate, jose...CAI buyers

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This is especially for Va peeps. I can hook you guys up with my version of the Cold Air intakes guys. Won't cost that much. Just as long as you have an aftermarket intake and filter, all is good. Just hit me up if you are interested.

resting place for filter. Cold air comes down from here

Cold air routes from the bottom to the Throttle Body
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I was just wondering how much for that nice shiny aluminum CAI extention.
BY the way your CAI looks tight:D :D
Hmm probably less than $50. More like in the $40's. Not sure yet :D
Nice work man......if my Canadian dollar was actually worth something, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Looks good.
I'm totally down!!! If you can deliver for that kind of price just let me know where to send the money to :cool:. Not that I don't like to not trust any Legend brothers, but can anyone vouch for Reno as being a good guy that is a regular on the board. Thanks guys.

I really appreciate this bro, and can't wait to get one to replace my home made 90 degree bent piping :p. Later.
i'd be very interested also ( i like the price )....where do i send the money??!!...heh
looks like a civic intake to me you using for your extension

kinda cheesy

pick one up at you local autoparts store.

that's what i'm thinking.. but hey, if it works... :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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