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550k not mine :)

The legend with +550k is an aquaintance of mine. He used his sedan as a taxi and was even featured on the news not too long ago. He has since moved on from being with the dispatch service and has gone as an independent livery service. Great guy, great car!

Well, I was offered the car by my Uncle when I was looking for cars. The price was right and at the time I didn't really know much about cars. Hell, I wasn't even 16 yet. I pulled together a few thousand that I had saved up from my computer business that I had started and made a down payment. I ended up buying the car for $10,000 with 140k miles on it.

I love the car, and now I love cars. It has become an obsession and I will probably never buy a sedan of any sort unless its for a second car. Cause, when I move out of my parents house I'll probably buy an SUV for driving up to the mountains.

I have now driven tons of other cars, raced other cars, and I think that it'll be hard for Acura to ever design a better car than the Legend. It's kinda funny that I can take an 8 year old car and drive down the strip by the water here in Kirkland (part of Seattle) and still make heads turn. It really is an amazing machine, and I love it.

Since I'm 17 though a coupe like someone said is an easy choice. For someone in HS there really isn't any use for the rear seat, if 3 girls can't fit in the back seat and they are in high school, then I figure that they should be in my car ;).
21 - 22 of 22 Posts